The immunities of States and international organisations

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Database of the CAHDI "The immunities of States and international organisations" - contribution of Russian Federation - Law of 24/07/2002

Arbitration Procedural Code of the Russian Federation


State Duma of the Russian Federation

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Federal law No. 95

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Article 251

A foreign State acting as a sovereign enjoys immunity from the jurisdiction of the court in respect of a claim, brought against it in arbitration courts of the Russian Federation, in respect of its involvement in a proceeding as a third person, in respect of arrest of the property belonging to that foreign State and located on the territory of the Russian Federation, and in respect of measures of constraint.

Execution against property by a decision of an arbitration court is permitted only with the consent of the competent authorities of the relevant State, unless otherwise provided by an international treaty of the Russian Federation or a federal law.

Judicial immunity of international organisations is determined by international treaties of the Russian Federation and a federal law.

Renouncement from judicial immunity must be made in the order, provided by the law of a foreign state or by the rules of an international organisation. In this case the arbitration court proceeds with the case according to the order provided by the present Code.

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Federal law № 95, "Sobranie zakonodatelstva Rossijskoy Federatsii" 29.07.2002, № 30, p.3012

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